Highland Residential

Gateway Lawn Service has been busy working on a new construction home in Highland.  We met with the homeowners and created a personalized landscape that surpassed their expectations.  We turned this blank canvas into a sprawling landscape masterpiece.

Maryville Residential

Gateway Lawn Service took this overgrown, oversized landscape and transformed into a beautiful, manageable one that the owners could easily maintain.  We were able to design a more maintainable landscape without sacrificing that custom element, while surpassing our client’s expectations.

Counsel Ring at the SIUE Gardens

Merle Inman's wife, Teddi, was an SIUE Alumni. After her passing, he wanted to do something nice to honor her memory, so decided to donate to SIUE.  They created the Counsel Ring as a place where people could sit quietly and enjoy the surrounding beauty of the gardens. It is unlike any other monument in the Gardens. The gray rocks placed as the footers of the walkway and Counsel Ring were dedicated to his late wife and came from a quarry Merle owns.