• Gateway Lawn Service is a very outstanding operation. What follows below is my history with GLS.


    Several years ago my father passed away unexpectedly. Until that time, he worked on maintaining the small but complicated yard, garden, and flowers; it was his passion. When he passed, I returned to Edwardsville for a year to assist my mother. At the same time I worked for GLS not because I needed the money but because I wanted a job doing something. I am an attorney – I answered an ad in the Intelligencer and went to work for GLS watering trees.


    After things settled down I took a job in Wisconsin. I thought I could manage the yard with help from college and high school kids. That’s what you get for thinking!


    After four years of problems locating, hiring, and firing kids, my mother and I called John Mikes, the owner of GLS.


    He and GLS installed a sprinkler system and brick patio and brick walkway. John was always present, giving his crew instructions on how to do the job and at the end of the day to ensure it was done right. GLS also did not have any price increases, i.e., they stuck to their bid for the job. Better yet, when a small leak developed in the sprinkler system, my mom made one call, and it was fixed the next day! This is why it is worth the money up front rather than hire kids.


    GLS now takes care of everything at my mom’s house.

    -Ted Hanson

  • John Mikes from Edwardsville Illinois first hit Joplin with chain saw in his hands just days after the storm. Since that time he has cleared debris, demoed, and remodeled homes. Now he is helping rebuild a home in New Hampshire. John owns a landscaping business back home. Each trip he says he feels more a part of the community.

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